About us

What we do

We organise walking, cycling, yoga and traditional crafts holidays in Serbia. Our trips will take you to little known regions of South-eastern Europe, where the untouched nature offers wonderfully varied and captivating scenery, a paradise for cyclists, walkers, and outdoors lovers alike.

Our holidays are designed with the well-being of both the traveller and the host in mind. We do our best to ensure a positive impact of our trips on people who travel with us and on the people, communities, and places we visit. We are committed to the concept of responsible travel. Our mission is to bring visitors to rural areas in Serbia and help provide the much needed income to local communities.

Our relaxing retreat, set in a 200 years old hamlet, combines yoga, walking, traditional crafts and cooking - a perfect balance between being active and relaxed. Daily yoga sessions run by our professional yoga teacher are created to quiet the mind and revive the body. Craft workshops provide an opportunity to do something different, learn a new skill and enjoy the result of one’s own handwork.

Our cycling trip will lead you along the Danube, from the grassland of Pannonian Planes to the Iron Gate where the Danube squeezes through a narrow gorge before it flows away toward Romania. The tour takes you through beautiful countryside, National Parks and Nature Reserves.

Our walking holiday explores mountainous regions in Eastern Serbia, where sparse villages stand as a nostalgic reminder of the traditional architecture and the way of life. This region is rich with historical heritage, coming to life in still working medieval monasteries you will see on the way.

Who we are

Behind Blue Plum Escapes are Neda and Christophe. The idea of Blue Plum Escapes was born during their first trip together to Serbia in 2009. They spent the summer travelling across the country enjoying the best Serbia has to offer - great outdoors, unspoilt nature, delicious organic food and generous people for whom hospitality is regarded as the highest of all virtues.
They were moved by the great potential of rural Serbia, where today rare villages stand as a nostalgic reminder of the traditional architecture and the way of life. The seed was planted. They set up Blue Plum Escapes as a way to help preserve declining rural communities and share our experience of Serbia with the world.

Neda is of Serbian origin, she lived in London, England and Lille, France. After completing her Doctorate in Computer Science and working as a researcher she decided to peruse her interests in finer things in life - people, crafts, outdoors and yoga. She has practised various styles of yoga for 15 years. After moving to France she trained as a yoga teacher and set up her own practice, YogaLite. Neda loves getting her hands dirty. She recently discovered a new passion for home-made soaps and all kinds of artisan skin care products. She believes that the beauty comes from inside and therefore all healthy edibles may somehow be used to benefit the skin from the outside too. The experiments are in progress, performed exclusively on willing friends and family.
Although she enjoys the quiet time for her yoga practice, reading and thinking about new travels, Neda loves good company and meeting interesting people. With Christophe, she runs the International Circle and Expat Club in Lille.

Christophe comes from a small town on the French coast, from where, on a clear day, the white cliffs of Dover may just about be seen. That is probably why he read English Language and Literature at the University of Boulogne-sur-Mer. He then spent some years in England where he completed his teacher training and taught French in many schools. After returning to France he united his passion for languages and travels in teaching French to foreigners.
Christophe is a person of many interests. His curiosity has pushed him to test many different waters. He runs a small but successful language school in Lille, creates websites (including this one), helps people set up small businesses, and plays guitar in a rock band. The music, mountains, and cycling are his greatest passions. He is happiest with a guitar in his hands or pedalling on his bike. His interest in Serbia, as he confesses, started with meeting Neda, but grew into a real passionate love with every delicious Serbian meal he tasted.